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At Ingoglia Golf, quantifying the golf swing has been at the foundation of our business since its inception. By utilizing the most accurate launch monitor, together we are able to create a roadmap that eliminates the guesswork.

  • Ingoglia Golf has teamed up with Trackman Golf, the leader in radar technology. We measure every swing with over 40 parameters, providing us with valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • This technology records your golf swing from multiple angles, and Dual Force plates precisely measure weight distribution. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into your technique, helping you refine key elements for an improved golfing experience.

  • Sportsbox AI utilizes cutting-edge technology to measure and analyze intricate athletic motions in 3D. Acting as an additional recording source, it combines this advanced capability with the expertise of our dedicated instructor in each sport. The result is real-time corrective feedback, empowering users to achieve their goals in sports and fitness with precision and efficiency.





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Inside The Studio, Ingoglia Golf has an array of cutting-edge equipment that rivals the sophistication of any esteemed college physics laboratory. Advanced tools are seamlessly integrated into every golf lesson and club fitting session, establishing a teaching approach grounded in science and facts. This personalized methodology ensures that each golfer receives tailored guidance, elevating the learning experience to new heights.



Ingoglia Golf Exclusive Access to the outdoor training facility for short game school


An exclusive perk for all students of Ingoglia Golf, is access to The Yard. The Yard, is a short game facility designed exclusively to dial in your scoring clubs. 

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